Beauty Cream Reviews: Alpha AHA Hydroxy Lotions

Alpha aha beauty cream reviews Beauty Cream Reviews:  Alpha AHA Hydroxy LotionsAlpha AHA Hydroxy Acid:  My love affair with these lotions

When I was in my twenties, I worshipped the sun.  I spent many hours by the pool, at the lake, at the tanning salon, wherever I could get a tan.  My sister was the same way.  My gosh, I remember when she would lay out with one of those silver reflective  blankets and spread crisco oil all over herself.  What the heck were we thinking?  Well, you guessed it. During my thirties, I started to notice the effects of the sun damage I brought upon myself.  I started getting dark pigmentation spots (besides my freckles) right below my cheekbones, around my jawline, and especially right above my upper lip.  Speaking of my upper lip, you know those little lines you see smokers have?  Yep, I had them and I wasn’t a smoker.  It was embarassing.

During this time, I had a job with a lasik eye surgery center.  I was a “patient counselor” (salesperson) where I would interview potential lasik surgery candidates.  I would meet with them one-on-one for several minutes….which means I would meet up to 15-20 people a day.  One day, I had a consultation with a woman who was in her late 50′s.  When I sat down to talk with her, I was struck with by gorgeous her face was!  I’m not referring to the shape of her face, the eyes, the cheekbones, or anything like that.  Her skin was flawless.  It had a very healthy “glow” to it.  I noticed she didn’t have wrinkles and it looked perfectly taut.  Knowing her age, I just had to ask.  “Excuse me, but your skin is gorgeous!  Can I ask you what you use?”  She seemed very pleased with my compliment but I was 100% serious!  I decided that whatever this woman was doing, I was going to do the same.  She informed me that she uses a skin care line that has Alpha AHA Hydroxy Acid it.  She explained that as we get older, it takes longer for our skin to regenerate which means it shows more wrinkles and looks older.  She uses alpha aha hydroxy acid in all her skin care because she says it’s the best thing she could do for her skin.

What is Alpha AHA Hydroxy Acid?

Alpha AHA Hydroxy Acid is a class of chemical compounds that are found in products claiming to reduce wrinkles or the signs of aging, and improve the overall look and feel of skin.  The most common type of alpha aha hydroxy acid is called glycolic acid.  Alpha aha hydroxy cid, or glycolic acid,  reduces cell adhesion in the top layer of the skin, promoting exfoliation which results in smoother texture, especially after continued use.

First I’m going to tell you about the “levels of concentration” in alpha aha hydroxy acid because that is VERY important.   In low concentrations, 5-10%, this level of concentration is ideal for those dealing with acne, photo-damage, wrinkling as well as melasma.  Alpha aha hydroxy acid with concentration of 10% or lower can be used daily by most people except those with sensitive skin.

In higher concentration, 10%-70%, the benefits of alpha aha hydroxy acid are more pronounced.  Most people will have these higher levels of concentration professionally applied to “prepare” their skin to receive chemical peels that are very concentrated.  I remember having a series of facials and the aesthetician would put a certain level of alpha aha hydroxy acid on my face.  She started with a low concentration and would continuously increase it every time I came back (every 4 weeks).  I believe the strongest I got was 40%.  After that last facial, within about 5 days, my face got really dry and peeled (for about 5 more days) and then my skin looked incredible.  It was at that point I was on a mission to find a skin care line that had alpha aha hydroxy acid in it.

If you go to the drugstores and department stores, you might find some skin care lines that claim to have alpha aha hydroxy acid in it.  I have found that all of them contained way too low a dosage to have any real effect.  Then one day, I googled online “alpha aha hydroxy lotion”….and I found what I was looking for!  A skin care line geared specifically towards alpha aha hydroxy acid!  Best part of all, they have higher concentrations than you will find at most stores or online.

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I am now 44 years old.  Nothing makes me feel better than when someone complements me that they thought I was much younger.  I contribute most of it to using alpha aha hydroxy acid skin care…both on my face and my body.  The skin care line I use, Alpha Hydrox, is manufactured in Denver, CO and claims to have the best prices on the web.  My gosh, I remember spending $40 for a name brand that didn’t have have even half the concentration as this alpha aha hydroxy acid lotion and it sells for only $12!   Their ingredients are all-natural, they are extremely affordable and provide free shipping for orders only starting at $25.   I personally use the Alpha AHA Hydrox Enhanced lotion (10% concentration), Silky Wrap Body Lotion (12% concentration), Night Replenshing Cream, and the Alpha AHA Hydrox swipes (14%).

You can use alpha aha hydroxy acid on your face, but it’s also beneficial all over your body as well.  For example, if you are noticing those wrinkles on your chest from lying on your side in bed….alpha aha hydroxy acid will get rid of those.

I hope this review helps.  I don’t receive any monetary credit for telling you about them.  I just wanted you to know about what has helped me.

Click HERE to go to Alpha aha hydrox’s website!

What are you using?  I’m curious to know what has worked for you.


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