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Spinning is a cardiovascular cycling workout on a stationary bike on which the tension can be increased, decreased, mileage and lapsed time is kept by a small computer, and calories burned and heart rate can be tracked by using an inexpensive additional heart monitor.  And hopefully you will be able to agree to the many benefits of spinning.  Unlike stationary bikes of old, the benefits of spinning developed as a class in which certified spinning instructors teach routines ranging from strength and endurance training to calorie burners.
In my opinion, the best benefits of spinning classes still have live certified trainers encourage spinners and lead them through a heart-healthy workout.  Other spinning programs just follow video instruction (yawwwwn).


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Benefits of Spinning, as explained by Rob Kyle.

My trainer is Rob Kyle at the Legacy Park Community Center in Lee’s Summit, MO.  He has been a nationally certified group fitness instructor for ten years and a certified personal trainer for the last year. He carries many certifications, namely Precision Cycle, Schwinn Cycle and Reebok Cycle in addition to his AFAA Group Fitness certification.  All I know is that he is motivating.  This exercise requires so much physical energy I need to forget what I’m doing and Rob does just that!  Taking this class epitomizes the benefits of spinning.

Otherwise known as “Indoor Cycle”, Rob describes this sport as follows:  “Indoor Cycle, known to many as “spinning” is a fantastic way to improve cardiovascular, health, stamina, and leg strength.  The wonderful thing about the benefits of spinning indoors is that it does not take any special knowledge or ability.  It is very individualized since each individual controls his or her own bike and the class is most often conducted in subdued light which prevents participants from feeling like they are on display or being watched.

First, what muscles are worked?  You literally work every leg muscle during each cycle stroke.  Additionally, the heart (actually a muscle) is worked and the lungs increase their capacity over time.  These are huge benefits of spinning.

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Second, how many calories will I burn?  Caloric burn depends on several variables but in general, I burn between 450-550 calories as a result of a 45 minutes class.  I am not working to my highest level because I am teaching and monitoring the class participants rather than focusing on my own workout.  But as you can see, that is alot of calories and adds more benefits of spinning.

Third, is my backside going to hurt or will it increase in size?  You are probably not used to being on a cycle saddle for 45 minutes straight and you may well feel some discomfort, especially early in your cycle experiences.  I can’t speak for every instructor but I can tell you that, being aware of this, I always bring several gel seat covers to class so that anyone who desires to use one does not have to go out and buy one.  As for increasing the size of your gluteus maximus, take a look at any professional cyclist and you will find that is not the case.  To increase the size of a muscle, you work with high resistance and low repetitions.  Indoor cycle is geared to many repetitions with a resistance you can maintain over that time, which results in toning and strengthening of muscle, not increased size.  Yet another one of many benefits of spinning!

I believe it’s important to let people know the benefits of spinning and what to expect when they come to an indoor spinning class.  I take time to explain what new participants can expect and set them up on their bike.  Proper leg geometry is especially important both for efficient exercise and to reduce any chance of injury to the knee.  I duscuss the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) scale (1-10) that I use.  I also share how a participant can tell where they are on that scale.  (Having a knowledgeable instructor:  probably one of the most important benefits of spinning).

During an indoor spinning class, participants can expect a variety of music that allows them to change their cadence (speed), resistance and posture (sitting or standing).  These factors are combined in different ways to emphasize (1) have FUN! (2) work hard, and (3) listen to their bodies and obey the body’s commands.  The third item can be rephrased to say that regardless of what the instructor says, the participant should do what they hear their body telling them, such as “you can add more than the instructor is coaching” or “you should not stand, even though the instructor is coaching that.” I say riding to some awesome tunes is one of totally awesome benefits of spinning!
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While indoor class is individualized, some other benefits of spinning class is you also have more opportunity than in other other group exercise classes to interact with the instructor and other participants.  This increases the enjoyment you receive from being part of the class.”

I couldn’t have said it better, Rob! I personally know, see and feel the benefits of spinning and I burn in the upper 600′s to low 700′s when I really apply myself.  I feel myself getting stronger each time I attend a class.  And the scenery is beautiful (Ha!  Another one of many benefits of spinning)!  But be careful, as soon as you start to slow down to enjoy the view, you’ll hear “Ninety!”….and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, well then I guess you’ll just have to come to class to find out.

See you at the next class!

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 Benefits of Spinning Class



  1. Kimberlee Ames says:

    Very informative!! I thought spinning class was nothing of the sorts! :-) Thanks for the information!!

  2. Rob Kyle says:

    Fantastic site, and not just because my name is mentioned!! I’ve made it one of my favorites! The whole site is very informative and I’ll be back to spend more time in the various sections!

  3. Kriegs says:

    I wanted to do more spin classes, but my home and job are far from the city. Just wanted to share that I am now using some really affordable and exciting indoor cycling DVDs that are filmed in Colorado Rocky Mountains. I get them from Seek Out Cycling ( and I use them at home. These workouts are challenging, but also rewarding. Seek Out Cycling makes these movies during group rides, so you feel like you are in the action. They have great music and coaching to keep you going until the hour is up. I recommend them!

  4. Tanya says:

    This is such a great article! Your video is really cute, especially when you looked so excited that you were in Italy. Does your instructor always deck out like that? How cool!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Tanya! Someday I would LOVE to visit Italy for real! Until then, I will live vicariously through Rob’s videos…..yes, Rob is always “decked out”…. he’s awesome!


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